Cultural diversity is a societal concept that has been around since time immemorial. The world is filled with people who have unique personalities that are shaped by a specific set of races, beliefs, and customs. There is a divide on many levels in society, and it’s easy for conflicts to arise because everyone is different.

Damon Vickers, a professional investor and a New York Times bestselling author, believes that humans are capable of achieving world harmony despite the diversity. Peace can prevail amidst the geographical and cultural heterogenicity as long as people take the time to understand and respect each other.

Starting with oneself

“Conflict is part of nature’s design. How we survive and succeed will depend on how we manage conflicts to fulfill our goals. It’s important to understand that dealing with personal conflict fosters peace within yourself and those around you,” Damon Vickers states. “Change starts small. If we want to achieve world peace, we need to practice it.”

In the United Nations Preamble of the Charter, it is indicated that people have to place effort in understanding each other and appreciating the socio-cultural identity and way of life that each person has. Individual learning about cultural diversity is the precursor to practicing tolerance and living in peace together.

Education has a crucial role in world harmony. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) constitution relays how the ignorance of other people’s ways causes mistrust and suspicion, which is often the reason why wars occur. Educating oneself about diversity begets the understanding and respect that leads to peace and harmony.

Damon Vickers discusses the importance of International Relations

The government plays a huge part in propagating world harmony, which is manifested by peace within its jurisdiction and solidarity with other nations. Cooperation and collaboration are the goals of international relations that are cultivated through effective and open communication.

Although people and nations are divided by many factors, there is an inherent desire to reach a consensus. To achieve reconciliation, the government should promote respect for the sovereignty of other countries and the culture and beliefs that define them.

“Authority figures need to lead by example and show unity in diversity by promoting peaceful conflict resolution, should the need arise,” Damon Vickers tells.

World harmony can be accomplished when nations demonstrate mutual respect and highlight intercultural understanding through dialogue and diplomacy. The goal is to uphold the common good, and showing respect and acceptance for interpersonal and intercultural differences is the step towards achieving it.    

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