In the era of technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence is the sector gaining the most talk today. Google is making leaps and bounds in the industry as an ‘AI First’ company, and Damon Vickers, New York bestselling author and investor ponders on how the tech powerhouse will set the tone for the future.

“Google connects us to an unlimited set of knowledge that we can access anywhere, from homes to cars. Smartphones are instrumental to this shift in learning, and we are lucky to witness it,” Damon Vickers suggests.

The Future of AI

In Google’s I/O developer conference last May, CEO Sundar Pichai tackled the new features and services that incorporate artificial intelligence in everyday life. They develop tools that not only improve knowledge but also help people accomplish tasks efficiently.

For instance, Google Translate can now re-create your voice in a foreign language. Duplex, Google’s new AI-powered assistant, can handle your bookings and appointments using an almost human voice that is hard to discern.

Damon Vickers notes how much these innovations enrich the human experience. “Today, we can leverage technology to perform more complex functions and eliminate errors, especially in repetitive tasks. Computing is at its rocket age, and Google is at the helm of it.”

Artificial intelligence has great potential in helping society. Developments in medicine and ecological mediation can lead to discovery of cures and heal the climate, and it’s not a very distant future from now.

Damon Vickers on investing in AI

“Investing in artificial intelligence might be attractive, but you need to have more than an interest in it before you decide to play in this sector,” Vickers explains. “The AI industry is technically more complex than it seems.”

AI investments often require specific knowledge. You need to ask the relevant questions, and to do that, you should at least have an inkling of what terminologies like deep learning, data mining, and decision trees mean.

“Another key point in AI is that data quantity is more crucial than users,” Damon Vickers adds. “Before tech companies introduce their AI-powered technology to the world, they need to establish a robust algorithm that practically completes the model and makes it usable in the real world.”

AI is poised to expand in the coming years and is attracting investors and users as time goes by. It means that investing in AI might be an excellent thought to consider, but only if you are going in intending to learn the industry better than just knowing what it is.

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