Amazon has grown exponentially huge since its inception and made a mark in the US economy. Damon Vickers, a leading expert investor from New York, says that even if it trails Apple by market cap, Amazon is still shaping the American lifestyle.

According to a report made by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ISLR), half of the households in the US have joined Amazon Prime, the site’s premium membership program. It also revealed that for every two dollars an American spends online, nearly a dollar goes to the e-commerce platform.

Why Amazon is Successful

Damon Vickers notes that Amazon is a proactive player in the marketing industry. They continuously develop innovative solutions to lure online shoppers, like ultra-fast deliveries, their credit card (with 5% cashback offer), and record-breaking discounts.

Amazon CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos chalk up their massive success to their “obsessive-compulsive focus” on their customers more than to competitors. They are now multi-dimensional in the sense of leveraging different industries, from artificial intelligence to film production. They have unquestionably come a long way from their beginnings as a bookseller in 1994.

They have smartly used their website as a source of customer information, including their price sensitivity and search trends. From there, they recommend items that will most likely attract an online shopper to spend.

Damon Vickers Take on Amazon Investment

“Being the second company to hit the trillion-dollar mark by market cap, Amazon is making leaps in the investment industry,” states Vickers. “a hundred-dollar investment in 1997 would amount to six figures today.”

Amazon’s multi-year run continues to be phenomenal. Its 5-year return reached nearly 529%, which represents the flurry of economic activities it can potentially fund. It hits milestones year after year in its market run, making it a real big player in the US economy.

As of writing, the company’s equity warrants or investments reached $737M in private and public companies. It is an investor in as much as it is also a bumper investment for many players in the industry.

“Amazon is racing against itself, and it is setting the standard for the whole e-commerce industry,” believes Damon Vickers. He also stated that the company would continue this trend for the foreseeable future, although competition will remain active through the rest of 2019.

The Amazon Effect in the US economy is real, and it’s bound to explore and expand the era of online spending.

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