Conservation and monitoring of pond biodiversity are very essential for the maintenance of   Squibnocket Pond. As biodiversity works on these Squibnocket ponds are important hotspots for biodiversity. Collectively, the Squibnocket they hold more species, and more rare species, than any other freshwater habitat, says Damon Vickers. They are also more plentiful than almost any other freshwater habitat and are found in virtually all environments. Protecting and preserving these  Squibnocket ponds are very important as they are a major source of biodiversity and at any cost, we can’t lose it as our biodiversity majority stands on the pillars of the Squibnocket ponds.

Squibnocket Pond lies south of Menemsha Pond with a barrier beach operating within the pond and the ocean. The pond is a place to an old herring run and has oysters. It is  Procured from an Algonquin word, Squibnocket indicates “at the place of the red cliff bank says  Damon Vickers. It is a rocky coast, it is not the biggest beach to swim off of but has amazing and best surf on the island and contributes beautiful views all round. So not only is it favorable for the biodiversity but also for us.

Basically, various measures are undertaken in the past few years to  improve water quality in immense ways and make it suitable for living creatures in Squibnocket ponds, one technique which was quite famous was the oyster farming technique which quite benefited the condition of the Squibnocket ponds and it is proven the best way to preserve the Squibnocket area says, Damon Vickers. Preserving of the pond is at top priority as the biodiversity is dependable to a great extent on the maintenance of the pond area. Government of the country is also taking various measures to protect the biodiversity and therefore indirectly they are improving the conditions so that the biodiversity remains intact.

Biodiversity is basically the interactions among various living organisms from all beginnings and origins including terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological systems of which they are part. This embraces diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems.  So this is precisely the entire thing we have on earth so it should be preserved at any cost. At no cost we can let the Squibnocket area be destroyed, every step should be taken on the government and the individual self to protect this amazing gift of the god to preserve our biodiversity as a whole. It requires a united effort on all levels to protect our biodiversity which operates on the Squibnocket area.

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