Striped bass fishery holds a crucial role in the valuable commercial and recreational fisheries. The striped bass is one of the most widely known fish. Striped bass is thick, stout, and is lined with seven to eight narrow horizontal stripes, the highest being it’s most unique. The fish is well known as a powerful swimmer, also not to forget Striped Bass fishes are a delicious food fish that follow well in hatcheries and are marketed commercially. The Harvest limits are set at a level that will maintain the striped bass spawning stock so the support can extend to return harvested fish. Damon Vickers says that if we want a healthy Striped Bass fishery then it totally depends upon a healthy Herring Stocks.

Herring Stocks is a fairly small silvery fish that is most plentiful in coastal waters and is of general commercial importance whereas Bass is a strong fish that can put up a fight, unlike any other fish. They can eradicate the surface of the water and throw your lure at any time. They can cover you up in the weeds or around a stump and break you off. So that’s the strength of a healthy Bass fish as is perceived by Damon Vickers.

For those people who are accustomed to fish only in stick form, herring can be a daunting species, although it holds a distinct significance as these little tiny creatures of the sea are very crucial for a healthy Striped Bass fishery. But Damon Vickers says that according to the findings the overall population of the Striped Bass was known to be declining, striped bass is often considered a signature success for fishery management. These critically low levels of Striped Bass have been recorded because of less reproductive success during the past decade and a half — a rate which is greatly influenced by weather patterns. This is the main cause that the authorities have raised a concern and stopped the fishing activities of Striped bass fishes. Also, the research indicates that the spawning stock was not only being overfished but had fallen below the threshold for several years.

The Striped bass fish population eat an array of foods, including fish such as alewives, flounder, sea herring, menhaden, sand lance, silver hake, tomcod, smelt, silversides, and eels, as well as lobsters, crabs, soft clams, small mussels, sea worms, and squid. Coming on the herring on which the health of Striped bass fish depends. Herring’s health depends upon the number of adult herring in the sea rely on the numbers of young fish which survive from spawning to enter the fishery as recruits. Variation from year to year in the numbers of herring recruits, coupled with high fishing mortality, which implies that government should intervene direction is essential for the vestige of this stock.  Some herring mature and spawn at two years of age, but most are three or four before they spawn, also the Fishing mortality for adult herring is just below so that’s an indirect threat to the health of Striped bass fish. Damon Vickers says that the government has taken few steps to stop the excessive fishing of herring to maintain their population so that the Striped Bass fishery can be done in a proper manner.

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