Nothing beats the love and affection animals ponders on us. Not only our pet animals are affectionate towards us but according to studies animals are more affectionate than us humans says Damon Vickers. Have you ever experienced the kiss of a lamb? Isn’t it amazing how these amazing creatures deliberate their love and affection on us?

Damon Vickers with Lamb

They need our love and support, we have to stop people from encroaching their lives, every lamb is worth saving, we need to protect them and do the right thing. To preserve this beautiful creature of god Damon Vickers says that we need to get in the proper lambing management. Lambs are worth cultivating or rearing artificially. Its real heart sinking to see the human race destroys this creation of god for its benefits. Can you witness the lambs screaming as they’re about to be slaughtered? Yes, you do, so how can we do such harm to them. There are alternate methods that we can do artificial rearing.

Following things should be checked upon to make sure that lambs are protected:

Go around the unweaned female sheep or lambed ewes daily to make sure all lambs are actually getting milk, especially multiples. If in doubt, catch any lambs their front legs, check that their tummies are full. A starved lamb is hollow behind the ribs.

Again check for lambs with stuck-down ends which can kill them. This is created by thick colostrum and is a difficulty when lambs are about a week old in dry windy weather which dries out their feces.

Also, be sure that the triplet that has no chance of getting a feed, and you’ll have to feed it or cultivate it on to another unweaned female sheep.

Damon Vickers perceives that life without sheep was unlikely in ancient times. Lambs indicated that will support you with meat, milk, and cheese, healing wool-wax, valuable parchment, and most vitally, fleece. Fleece to be shorn or pulled, and spun and woven into cloth. Recall that there were then only two types of fabrics: woolen ones, and linen. So why not preserve these precious species who provide us with so much. The kiss of a lamb is indeed a blessing and an incredible experience in our human lives.

Lambs can sustain in harsh and stony environments where crop farming is difficult, and if you preserved from natural predators small flocks can quickly grow large due to many ewes’ ability to twinned lambs. Lambs should be well cared of, if not for all the pure reasons we can do it for our self as they provided us with food and textiles and oils and they were relevant to life as well as the economy. They are among the most valuable and useful of the world’s domesticated animals and have been since ancient times. Also, these species represented a symbolic meaning as the lamb represents Christ as both suffering and triumphant; it is typically a sacrificial animal, and may also symbolize gentleness, innocence, and purity.

Although Damon Vickers says now there are very fewer places where they are used for sacrifice but still it is well prevalent which have to be eradicated. These multi-purpose animals, raised for their meat, milk, wool, hides, and skins deserve our affection for everything they have been doing for us. Experience the kiss from lamb in your lifetime.

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