One of the founding principles of many democratic nations that people cherish is the right to freedom of speech. Enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution, freedom of speech grants the people of a democratic country the liberty to speak their minds out without fear of being censored or persecuted. Damon Vickers is of the view that Even though the whole concept of freedom of speech seems quite simple, in reality, there are many difficult lines that can be drawn around what kinds of speech are preserved and in what situations, so it’s not a cake walk, still people have to think before they pour out the heart in public and express their valuable opinion.

For instance, a person cannot hypocritically yell “fire” in a jammed theater because that speech doesn’t commit to the range of ideas being presented in society, yet the risk of someone getting hurt is high. So such kind of speech is prevented and it should be as it can cause damage to the public at large. So the administration should also regulate such speech. Also, speeches which enhance the havoc issue like racism should be discarded.

Everyone shall have the right to hold views without resistance and also everyone should have the power to freedom of representation and this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and present information and ideas of all sorts, despite boundaries, either verbally or in writing or in print, in the structure of art, or through any other prophets of his preference that’s what Damon Vickers believes.

The right to communicate ideas, feelings unobstructedly is decisive in a democracy. Scholars have long championed it as a way to other rights, declaring that reduction of free expression necessarily leads to limitations on other rights such as the right to be notified. This right, however, is mixed and associated with the need to face the media as a business which is radically being flawed. The rights of the people of the country and the rights of a media business owner fall under several cases and forms, and cannot be viewed the same Damon Vickers said. Freedom of speech and expression includes freedom of dissemination, to the extent that the capacity to generate one’s character is essential in that range.

Freedom of speech is important as no two groups in the country have the same opinion and to correct one, others freedom of speech is quite essential. For instance, a recipient of news and a journalist of news belong to radically diverse interest groups. This is specifically why revealing an opinion per se and the business of publishing or circulating headlines have been so clearly defined by the lawmakers. The law of freedom of speech is diverse all around the world, each country in the world has set its own set of rules and regulations which defines and restricts the right to freedom of speech. To exemplify, the key distinction of the US freedom of speech law with that of the other countries is that in the US Constitution freedom of the press is explicitly safeguarded. In the US, free speech has been limited through libel laws or because of national security affairs, but the governments have allowed the reporter much space and breathing room while reviewing and analyzing issues concerning to public life and other affairs.

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