Media is no more a tool, a medium which was transparent and had no side except the side of truth. The whole structure of the media has changed as said by Damon Vickers. In the past days Media was controlled by the government, to the extent that nothing against the public policy was issued not that it operated the media to choose sides, the media was totally free to choose truth, there was no contention of power by the government, and just the compliance with the rules of the country had to adhere. But now the picture of media as reviewed by Damon Vickers depicts that it has quite a lot changed now, it is in the hands of a selected few of super-rich classes and it works according to their supercilious financial benefits.

These big bureaucrats and corporate houses who have started controlling the media and they are operating it in their favors. Media is no more a reliable and transparent resource to believe as it’s a puppet in the hand of the composition of people who are in power along with the government.

Global Media

All around the world, we can see that all the influential media terminals are dominated by these mighty influential people. Few examples of such business houses are ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, this list is long. Also, these major influential media houses command various others of daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, and radio and television outlets. The media is no more of or for the interest of people, nothing reliable is offered.

There was a point in history when broadcasters were summoned upon to be sensitive to the needs of the country people and presented all facets of any given subject. Once Media was the epitome of truth and fairness and was referred to as the Watchdog of Democracy.  There is no such thing, called an independent press in the present era. And everybody is aware of it now. Nobody has the power to speak in the present democratic country, their opinions are suppressed, they can’t dare to speak or write their honest opinions, and if you did, you know already that it would never emerge in print.

There are still handfuls of people left in the media houses who are honest and want to write their honest opinions but they are also paid for holding their legitimate views out of the paper they are working for. That’s how this all is working about the media all over the world.

Every mouth is shut which operates out of the way (the right way) to talk the truth their mouths are shut with the money. And for obvious reasons greed comes before truth. The perception of Damon Vickers is that the trade of the reporter is to suppress the truth; to endure outright; to ruin; to denounce, and to sell the country for his daily bread. Unfortunately, the independent press is purchased; the present media is nothing but a puppet in the hands of a few big corporate houses.

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