The extensive inferno immersed the very famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris which created destructive loss to the Notre Dame Cathedral. This event destroyed the structures iconic tower and diminished its antique wooden roof to ashes. After this whole incident took place many people were of the belief that it should rebuild. The cathedral was a very famous tourist attraction for the people. Since ages people are visiting the place to see this famous spot. But rebuilding this ancient heritage is not that easy nor in terms of the structure carnations but also in terms of communal erupts. The proper evaluation of the damage has to be done, the proper loss sheet will be made. Nothing is as easy as it seems.

There is a long debate going on about if the famous Notre Dame Cathedral would be converted into a mosque. This conversion of the church into a mosque is nothing new which has been thought about before this also many churches in the European countries have been remodeled, converted or closed down. Damon Vickers is of the view that all of this is due to the massive spread of Islam over the European country. All over Europe, the tradition of Islam certainly is surpassing Christianity. Notre Dame Cathedral is no ordinary church which can be easily transformed into something else due to the power of the masses or rebuild easily within the years. It is a precise example of a prolific architectural design.

From ages, this historic church persisted various communal riots, disorders, trespassers, and ownership. Nothing had surpassed the sacredness of the place. There is a lot of historical moments attached to this famous church this is the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was commissioned and got the crown and later he was married there. When Paris was released in the year 1944, the city observed a huge mass at Notre Dame.  The cathedral is the heart, spirit, and consciousness of the city and its people. No matter of the communal pressures been put to build the cathedral into a mosque, but the city people are totally against this thing. Notre Dame purports to masses of Paris. It’s the most visited memorial of the city.

After the fire broke up, the government quickly controlled the situation and sealed the entire place, various investigations have been sought for understanding the main cause of this disaster. Damon Vickers Passed a statement of wisdom that keeping this communal hatred apart,  the churches, mosques and another sacred place should not become the target of the haters, This was indeed a very emotional moment for the French and the Catholics to see their epitome of faith burning into ashes in front of them. Not only the church holds religious value but also it was a part of the heritage of the country.

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