The general assembly of the United Nations passed a declaration for refugees and migrants in order to rehabilitate them in safe places. For this purpose, targets are directed for all countries where the safe & the flourishing environment is available to survive. As per the current situation, the countries coming in the European Nations are considered as the safest heavens to migrate and people are dying to get a chance for entering. It is tolerable to an extent but not at the cost of country’s security.

The western economy is already slowing down as compared to all developed as well as developing nations which are a big problem of current times. The global population of international migrants has already reached 258 million which is a huge numeric figure. Out of 258 million, 30% are already living in European countries which is second highest after Asia. Asia is the largest continent that can accommodate more migrants but not Europe. Accommodating 30% of total migrants and refugees population is also acceptable if they belong to a good country background. Approximately 68 million people are forcibly displaced who are the biggest problem. Said by Damon Vickers. These people belong to the war-affected regions of Syria, Libya & Iraq.

The migration of forcibly displaced people in Europe is destructing the cultural environment as well as weakening the ailing economy of Europe. A legally accepted migrant have to go through several strict measures in order to confirm that they are financially & morally capable of adjusting in Europe. However, this is not applicable to forcibly displaced refugees. No doubt that they are the victims of Islamic radicalization, but Europe has already started feeling the heat of their communal mindsets. Added by Damon Vickers in an interview.

They are not compatible with the well-preserved cultural norms of Europe and try to impose their own religious norm on people wherever they relocate. A country which is nurturing them cannot accept any kind of cultural disturbance because of mutual misunderstandings. Europe is the most favorable destination for living a comfortable life, but earning lives is not that easy. The European standards for accommodation, food, and other lifestyle factors are much higher than in other nations. If the UN is imposing the extra burden of economically corrupt refugees, it will become very hard to maintain this standard. Accounted by Damon Vickers. This situation creates a disbalance in the lives of all citizens.

The impact of Brexit is already badly affecting the European Union that may take the worst turn with refugee’s issue. Nobody can tolerate someone outsider which is enjoying a good life on the money of taxpayers but disagree to respect their cultural norms. The invasive activities of Muslims in France, Britain, and Germany are already signifying a lot. Governments may tolerate this, but the anger of the public will surely break out after a limit.

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